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Within our facility, we have multiple post production businesses that can handle all aspects of post production.  Each company shares a central shared server so multiple jobs, technicians and artists can be working at the same time.

As every project and workflow is different, we can help get you through all the technical issues so your project can be time efficient and cost effective.

If you have questions or require a quote, contact me anytime.

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DaVinci Resolve - primary and
secondary color grading

25+ years of experience color grading movies, documentary, TV series, commercial, corporate, instructional and music videos.  

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Fibre optic link for up / down loading

We have installed an extremely fast internet access for up and down loading of project files, Digital delivery or remote grading.  We also have secured servers for delivery of dailies and project files.

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All international formats and standards

Whether you are mastering for theatrical, broadcast, corporate, or internet, we can master your production to any tape format or digital file required by current distribution, broadcasters or internet providers.



Additional services you may require

  • Project Workflow Consulting

  • Dailies

  • Quality Control

  • Closed Captioning

  • Descriptive Video

  • LTO Backup

  • DCP ( Digital Cinema Package)

  • DCP Theatre viewings

  • Audio Editing

  • 5.1 and Stereo Audio Mixing

  • ADR & Foley

Services: Services
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DaVinci Color Grading and Mastering at your location.

Have a smaller project that needs to be mastered?  When you don't need to be finishing in a high end mastering suite, I will come to you and work with your team to complete your projects to the highest of standards.  Transcoding, dailies, project setup, work flows, editing, colour grading, graphics and mastering.

Services: Hours
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