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25+ years experience color grading and mastering:
Movies, TV series, Corporate, Commercial, Documentary, Web and Music Videos.

My first encounter with color grading was while going to broadcast college and working nights as a telecine operator at a local TV station.  I was intrigued by the ability to manipulate the overall picture by using prisms, filters and dichroic mirrors.  When I moved over into the linear editing world, I was never satisfied with the basic onboard primary color correction.  I developed ways to isolate areas of the picture frame on a multi M/E video switcher and manipulate the RGB signal using chroma keyers, wipes and time base correctors.   When non-linear editing became available I found ways to transfer these same principles into my skill set using masks/mattes, keying and layering.  Up to this point, I did not realize that a “Colorist” was even an actual stand alone job.  When I first seen a DaVinci color timing system, in the late ‘90s it was truly a magical day.  It used all the same principals that I had been using, but raised the bar and untied my hands and imagination for future possibilities.  When we purchased our first DaVinci color grading system, that’s the day I fulfilled a dream and became a full time “Colorist”.

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